FOUR YOUNGSTER WERE SECURED BY MEMBERS OF DITSAMAPTA | Ditsamapta – Different from the previous day, this time the Central Kalimantan Regional Police’s Directorate of Samapta (Ditsamapta) managed to secure four young men who were enjoying a meth party at Jalam Asabri, Number 23, Palangka Raya City, Sunday (09/02/2021) at 00.03 WIB. This stems from residents’ reports that there was a group of youths in one of the houses enjoying a methamphetamine party.

Based on the report, personnel from Dit samapta immediately went to the location together with the chief of the neighbourhood and local residents.
Director of Samapta (Dirsamapta) Kombes Pol Susilo Wardono, SIK, MH through Deputy Director Samapta (Wadirsamapta) AKBP Timbul Rein K Siregar, SIK, M. Si confirmed this, we and patrol personnel again managed to secure four methamphetamine users with the initials R ( 23), W (31, S (23), R (25) and also evidence.

“We managed to secure the four perpetrators, and the evidence in the form of cash, cellphones, and also four small packages of crystal methamphetamine and four matches,” said Timbul.

Currently the perpetrator are being escorted to Mako Ditsamapta, Jalan Tjilik Riwut Km, 6.5 for data collection and development.

“We bring the perpetrator to the office for questioning, then we coordinate with the Central Kalimantan Regional Police’s Ditresnarkoba for the investigation stage,” he added.

Reporter : Septy pknews Central Kalimantan
Source. : Humpoldakalteng rhf / sam

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